Hammer Museum Picasso Cut Papers
Exhibition identity and type design

custom identity for the exhibition picasso cut papers, designed at the hammer museum. this exhibition is devoted to the little known aspect of the artist’s practice centered around cut, torn, and folded paper works, as well as sheet metal sculptures as extensions of the paper forms. the works were part of a more private studio practice, and some were given as models to fabricators or as gifts or games to family and friends. the title is set in gareth hague’s alias didot, a contemporary acknowledgement of the history of ephemera surrounding the artist.1 i’ve customized the letterforms to convert the modern didone to a stencil sans serif, referencing themes of the exhibition.

organized by cynthia burlingham, deputy director, curatorial affairs, and allegra pesenti, independent curator and former associate director and senior curator, grunwald center for the graphic arts.

designed materials include print and digital advertisements, largescale building banner, westwood theater marquee, street pole banners, spread in seasonal print guide, gallery exterior wall and windows, didactic texts, and poster available in the museum store.

two-color silkscreen poster printed by press friends in chinatown.