Film studio

arcadia is the production studio of filmmaker nathan rickard and myself. design materials so far include posters, titlecards, website, and custom marks. trot trot trot, our most recent release, uses voiceover throughout excerpted from a schoolboy’s diary by german-speaking swiss writer robert walser (1878–1956).1 situated within the context of the essays, the titlecards are set in ab 1910, the willi wegener face i digitized in 2017. the poster, containing the introduction of a schoolboy’s diary, primarily employs ralph m unger’s 2019 revival of rudolf koch’s 1930 wallau, and provides an additional narrative element to the film.2

website development by nathan rickard and joel graycar.




the poster and film titles for mantis are hand silkscreened and set in steve jackaman’s revival of deberny & peignot’s sphinx.3 the poster uses croissant for secondary information, with the contrast in ornamental style of the two typefaces mirroring the youthful spirit of the film’s protagonist.